Jeffrey R. Snyder Family/Military/Commitment
Jeffrey R. SnyderFamily/Military/Commitment 


Jeff and Lisa have been together since 2012 and married since 2013.  Lisa is a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse in St. Petersburg, FL.  Jeff is a retired Law Enforcement and Military Officer.




Jeff holds a United States Patent and Trademark on "The Power Stop" safety system, a solution to intersection incidents during power outages. 



Jeff is the Monday night DJ for Boss Hogg Radio.  His music includes hits from all over the timeline of love, beach, and fun songs!

You can hear Jeff at

Jeffrey R. Snyder


CPT Jeffrey R. Snyder is a retired Army Reserve commander.  He has served multiple deployments all over the world with Intelligence and Logistics.




A Great Job With Great People!

Jeff is the author of "Odes From The Sandbox" and "Odes From The Soul", books on the lost art of written communication and love.


You can find his books on all major online bookstores and Amazon.con


DFC Jeffrey R. Snyder is a retired law enforcement officer with the Broward Sheriff's Office and the Orange Sheriff's Office.  He has served as a road deputy, a K9 handler, a detective, and a tactical flight officer.




W:. Jeffrey R. Snyder is the Grand Orator for Grottoes International. 


He is a Past Monarch of Selama Grotto in St. Petersburg and a Past Master of Groveland Masonic Lodge. 


He is the Past

President of the Florida State Grotto Association. 


He is a member of Tampa Bay Lodge in Safety Harbor as well as several appendant bodies. 


He has served on multiple District Committees and volunteers his time raising money for charitable organizations to help children. 


Jeff volunteers with the City of Safety Harbor and is a member of the Safety Harbor Employee Relations Board and provides guidance to the City Commission regarding employee conduct and the employee handbook. 





Jeff holds an advanced certification as a Comprehensive Victim Intervention Specialist under the National Organization for Victim's Assistance.  This certificaion allows him to assist victims of crimes, disasters, or other traumatic events as a credentialed professional.  This certification is in concert with his certification under the International Stress Foundation as a crisis counselor.

Jeff also holds certifications as a Community Emergency Responder to assist during disasters.  

Jeffrey R. Snyder

This site is currently a work in progress to promote several projects by Jeff Snyder

1. Jeff's patent process.

2. Jeff's commitment to his wife and dogs.

3. Jeff's book and publicity tour.

Jeffrey R. Snyder


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